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notary certified translator


  • References
  • I am an individual freelance translator of Russian, English and German, freelancer, vendor, supplier. I do written translation (text translation) on various topics.

    Over 15 years experience in written translation from the English language into Russian and from Russian into English. German is my second foreign language, in this pair I translate texts (in writing) only from German into Russian.

    Facilitating a project / projects (project facilitation).

    Subscriber service.

    Outsourcing contract: you can outsource and use my text translation services from abroad.

    Translation types (text translation)
    I translate (do text translations)
    IT = information technology
  • web pages (inside code or just content, e.g. in Word)
  • web sites (inside code or just content, e.g. in Word)
  • requirements
  • localisation
  • interpreter (interpreting ,verbal translation)

  • User manuals (UM) translation
  • service manuals
  • specifications
  • technical projects
  • descriptions
  • characteristics
  • drawings, i.e. directly inside the drawing file (dwg, dxf drawings, work with Autocad)
  • construction
  • road construction
  • interpreter (interpreting ,verbal translation)

  • international economic relations = IER, economics
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • presentation
  • contract
  • annex to a contract
  • delivery-acceptance certificate
  • shipping documentation
  • invoice
  • packing list
  • ...
  • logistics
  • transport
  • warehouse
  • interpreter (interpreting ,verbal translation)

    legal including certified (notarized) translation (Russian, English, German) also translation of documents in general:
  • documents for handing in to an embassy
  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • education certificate
  • diploma
  • diploma insert (enclosure)
  • track record
  • marriage certificate
  • name-change certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • death certificate
  • consent for a child to go abroad
  • power of attorney
  • contract
  • annex to a contract
  • delivery-acceptance certificate
  • invoice
  • ... other documents
  • interpreter (interpreting ,verbal translation)

  • personal correspondence
  • business correspondence
  • tourism
  • medical translation (certificate, epicrisis, expert opinion, abstract)
  • general
  • sociology
  • personnel management
  • interpreter (interpreting ,verbal translation)

    References (this is what they say about my translations):

    We wanted translation services in the process of notarized verification of written evidence from the Internet. All agreements with the translator were fulfilled timely and qualitatively.The work was to be done in several stages each of which took place at a specified time in a certain place. In this respect the translator proved himself as a punctual specialist. We recommend him as an excellent translator for translating any documents.

    I had an invitation for a business trip abroad. The invitation had to be translated promptly: they wouldn't take the invitation for preparing business trip documents without official translation. The translator did everything really quickly, expeditiously, timely and high-grade. Thanks, you helped a lot, rescued!

    Minsk, Belarus

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