Interpreting (oral translation) - what is it?

Interpreting from the Russian language into English and from the English language into Russian is a great instrument for conducting negotiations, effective goal meeting and time saving. Contacts.

I am an individual interpreter of the Russian language (independent service provider), i.e. freelancer, interpretation performer, a professional with appropriate experience and education Officially qualified. A more detailed information about me you can find here.

Payment methods:

  • non-cash payment = cashless for legal persons and IE = individual entrepreneurs (obligatory), for physical persons optionally
  • cash payment: for physical persons (physical persons CAN ALSO use non-cash payments)

My interpreting experience is over 15 years:

  • International Economic Relations = IER
  • International Relations = IR
  • certified (notary) interpretation,
  • interpreting and serving events:
    • negotiations (face to face, over the phone, on line, conference calls...),
    • pre-commissioning,
    • public speaking,
    • lectures,
    • seminars,
    • conferences,
    • meetings,
    • exhibitions,
    • business trips,
    • guests,
    • receptions.

Price per 1 hour of interpreting is negotiable and depends on:

  • interpreting type:
    • Consecutive translation: a person speaks one language, pauses, the interpreter interprets into another language.
    • Simultaneous translation: in a booth equipped with headsets and microphones the interpreting is done simultaneously (at the same time) with the speaker.
    • its complexity
    • its urgency
      • urgent interpretation
      • planned, agreed well beforehand interpreting
    • duration
    • and place of doing the interpreting.

    Minsk, Belarus

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