I am an individual translator and interpreter of Russian, English & German, qualified professional translator with over 15 years work experience.

Work experience:

  • freelance translator, doing oral and written translations for physical and legal persons, certified (notarized) translation / interpreting, interpreting = oral translation, written translation
  • IER (International Economic Relations), supplier search, negotiations, settling contracts, procurement, shipping documentation, complete facilitation of import transactions
  • Education:
    MSLU (Minsk State Linguistic University),
    translation department,
    Russian - native in Russian,
    English - first foreign language,
    German - second foreign language,
    specialisation - IER (International Economic Relations).

    The website name was chosen on the basis of its compactness, easiness to remember, symmetry and character repetition:
    everybody knows first two Latin alphabet letters
    each one doubled
    two letters "a" + two letters "b"

    Minsk, Belarus
    website: http://www.translator.aabb.by/

    Website language versions

    Russian website version Русская версия сайта (Ru)
    übersetzer Minsk Englisch Russisch Deutsch Dolmetscher, mobil telefon, Weißrussland, Deutsche Seiteversion, freelancer, Freiberufler, Englisch-Russisch, Russisch-English, Deutsch-Russisch, A1, MTS, De, Deutsch Deutsche Webseiteversion (De)
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